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Our project management services include tailor made project management solutions to best suit each project. The scope of project management services provided by us is as follows:


  • Planning
    - Project Management team will bring out the overall schedule working with Client.

  • Budget Assessment and Project Execution
    - Project Management team will prepare an overall budget for the project and submit to the Client for their approval. Upon approval this budget is closely monitored during the project and cost estimates are regularly updated to the Client in lieu of the project specifications.

  • Project Specification and Tender Process
    - The Project Specification will be prepared in the form of tender documents and suitable tenderer’s shall be invited to submit their quotations. The team will evaluate all bids and forward their recommendation to the Client. It will be the Client’s sole discretion to accept the recommendations made by the project management team.

  • Project Execution
    - Upon selection of suitable tenderer, the contract will be prepared and finalised with the client and issued to the successful tenderer. During project execution the project management team will monitor and supervise the progress of the project to ensure that the project is completed according to the project schedule and specifications.

  • Project Handover
    - Project Management team will determine the time at which each phase/ project is completed and inform the Client for issuance of completion certificate (if any). Defects and/ Outstanding works shall be listed and monitored for closure within the agreed period.

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