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Mutiara Etnik specializes in heavy structure fabrication & installation. We do design, engineering, fabrication, supply and erection of steel structures and buildings. Large size Industrial buildings and offices are constructed and commissioned with necessary facilities.

We have experience in carrying out heavy structures fabrication, assembly and installation as well as all kind of buildings.

Building (Civil & Steel)


Mutiara Etnik aims to ensure our customers have cleaner environment within and surrounding the plant supplied by us. While our engineers provide much attention in designing material transfer stations, we believe that the induction of proven and efficient dust suppression systems and/or dust extraction systems not only provide cleaner environment but the system also has a payback as it prevents loss of raw material during handling.

We do dust control system:

  • Chemical+Water based

  • Air+Water based

  • Plain water based

  • Jet-pulse bag filter

  • Bag house filter

  • vacuum type cleaning

Pollution Control


Mutiara Etnik is capable of offering comprehensive range of equipment and system for handling various dry bulk materials such as grains, limestone, iron ore, coal, gypsum, clinker, fertilizer etc. at Ports. On turnkey basis, we offer loading and unloading system complete with ship loaders and unloaders (fixed and movable) and conveyors including state of the art electrical, instrumentation and SCADA systems.

Mutiara Etnik has established relationship with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to design, supply, Install and commission the machines based on Client’s/System requirement.

These Machines can be fully assembled at the manufacturing facility and transported in fully assembled condition to site. These equipments can be supplied as partial assemblies to reduce site installation time.

Equipments offered in port handling system are:

  • Grab Type Unloader.

  • Continuous Unloader.

  • Level Luffing Unloader.

  • Rail mounted Ship Loader.

  • Mobile Ship Loader.

Port (Conveyor & Machines)


Global warming is causing water level to rise whilst the intensity of rainfall in tropics have resulted in flash floods. Flood mitigation has to be a continuous effort and it entails both short term and long-term measures. Proper drainage and maintenance of drainage system is a critical aspect of flood mitigation, whilst long term measures such as storage tanks, expansion of canals, retention ponds/lakes and ultimately dams and locks are implemented. These works involve re-adjustment of roads, a proper road arrangement and construction solves most of the flood related issues and it can be easily mitigated. Our competency in engineering and construction of structures along with appropriate project management of these activities has led us to be a recognized Company in this field.

Road, Drainage and Flood Mitigaton
Fire Detection & Protection System


Mutiara Etnik offer Clients the development, procurement, installation, testing of system and components to provide a complete and safe fire detection & fighting system.

We offer water based, CO2 based and foam based fire fighting system from design to commissioning. We also carry out fire risk assessment/evaluation to ensure the fire prevention and fire protection recommended have been evaluated in line with the Clients specification and complies with local authority prior to installation.


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