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Mutiara Etnik offers design & supply of different types of silos which is used to store coal, fertilizer, Petchem, Clinker, Industrial ash, Biomass etc.

The Silos are designed with many features like:

  • Caged ladder, Top railing, Inside ladder.

  • Pressure relief valves.

  • Level Indicators.

  • Aeration diffusers.

  • Manual shut off.

  • Vehicle loading.

  • Two compartment silos.

Mutiara Etnik shall suitably design the silo discharging equipment based on Client’s requirement.



Mutiara Etnik offer fully automated and integrated system in PetroChem Handling Plants from Silo to FFS bagging system to palletizing to wrapping the pallets. We do the semi automatic Big Bag handling system and Truck/Container loading system for PetroChem Plants.

Mutiara Etnik has the capability to design, procure, construct various petrochemical byproducts handling and packaging system. It includes the handling of polyolefins, fertilizers, etc…

The Polyolefins were stored in Silos, bagged in small bags by automated bagging system, palletized using palletiser, wrapped by stretch hood wrapping machine for ASRS, Big bags were bagged for ASRS and bulk materials were loaded into open top containers by Truck Loading system.

We have vast experience in fertilizer handling and we know the criticality, design condition requirement in fertilizer handling system. We even improved the system performance by suitable modification done on the existing system.



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